AD from AcademicDirect Project
This project was started on May 7, 2007.
Project stage:
- dB projecting
Project parts:
- dB projecting (started on May 7, 2007)
- dB creation
- software implementation
- uploading of LJS and LEJPT info
- opening for other publishers

Articles Database (AD) from AcademicDirect editorial policy:
AD indexes:
- scholary papers
- original scientific papers
- conferences fulltext proceedings
- reviews
AD prerequisites:
- scientific quality
- online fulltext free availability of papers
AD are managed by:
- AcademicDirect
- other publishers
Publishers must become AD users in order to include papers.
AD admin:

AD structure:

AD.User structure (grants: AcademicDirect (all)):
id, name, afiliation, contact, email, MD5(password)
AD.Author structure (grants: AcademicDirect (all); user (insert, modify)):
id, name, afiliation, contact, email, user(from
AD.Subject structure (grants: AcademicDirect (all); user (insert, modify)):
id, subject, main, user(from
AD.Publication structure (grants: AcademicDirect (all):
id, name, acronim, pubkey (ISSN, ISBN), 
publisher, contact, email, description, user(from
AD.Paper structure (grants: AcademicDirect (all); user (insert, modify)):
id, title, list, list,, vol/no/year, issue/section/edition, year
abstract, keywords, references, url

This message will apear when dB is N/A.
Articles Database from AcademicDirect is maintained on a 
Local Area Network computer (IP 
which is down right now (probably after a power loss). 
Please come back later (usualy no more than 24h are down).