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Elementary Reaction Simulator

In 1864, Peter Waage pioneered the development of chemical kinetics by formulating the law of mass action, which states that the speed of a chemical reaction is proportional to the quantity of the reacting substances.
Reaction Type: First rate constant: Second rate constant:

Initial concentration: Observation Time: Number of divisions:

Extra data
B Concentration: (for third order & opposed)
C Concentration: (for third order)

null orderX2(R) -> X1(P)dP = kdt (until [X2]=0)
first orderX1(R) -> X2(P)dR = -kRdt
second orderX1(R) -> X2(P)dR = -kR2dt
third orderX1(R) + X2(R) + X3(R) -> X4(P)dP = kR1R2R3dt
opposedX1(R) <-> X2(P)dX1/dt = k2X2-k1X1
dX2/dt = k1X1-k2X2
consecutiveX1(R) -> X2(P)
X2(R) -> X3(P)
dX2/dt = k1,2X1-k2,3X2
dX1/dt = -k1,2X1
dX3/dt = k2,3X2
parallelX1(R) -> X2(P)
X1(R) -> X3(P)
dX1/dt = -k1,2X1-k1,3X1
dX2/dt = k1,2X1
dX3/dt = k2,3X1