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A02 Musculoskeletal System D009141 + A02.835 Skeleton D012863 + A02.835.232 Bone and Bones D001842 + A02.835.232.087 Bones of Upper Extremity D001133 + A02.835.232.251 Epiphyses D004838 + A02.835.232.300 Foot Bones D005529 + A02.835.232.409 Hyoid Bone D006928 A02.835.232.500 Leg Bones D007867 + A02.835.232.611 Pelvic Bones D010384 + A02.835.232.730 Sesamoid Bones D012716 A02.835.232.781 Skull D012886 + A02.835.232.834 Spine D013131 + A02.835.232.904 Thorax D013909 + A02.835.232.169 Diaphyses D018483
A10 Tissues D014024 + A10.165 Connective Tissue D003238 + A10.165.265 Bone and Bones D001842 + A10.165.265.166 Bone Matrix D001857 A10.165.265.200 Bony Callus D002146 A10.165.265.507 Haversian System D006253 A10.165.265.746 Periosteum D010521