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A11 Cells D002477 + A11.063 Antibody-Producing Cells D000921 + A11.066 Antigen-Presenting Cells D000938 + A11.070 APUD Cells D001078 A11.104 Blastomeres D001757 A11.118 Blood Cells D001773 + A11.148 Bone Marrow Cells D001854 + A11.251 Cells, Cultured D002478 + A11.329 Connective Tissue Cells D003239 + A11.436 Epithelial Cells D004847 + A11.450 Eukaryotic Cells D005057 A11.497 Germ Cells D005854 + A11.525 Islets of Langerhans D007515 + A11.593 Leydig Cells D007985 A11.600 Luteal Cells D008184 A11.650 Neuroglia D009457 + A11.671 Neurons D009474 + A11.733 Phagocytes D010586 + A11.760 Prokaryotic Cells D011387 A11.789 Protoplasts D011523 A11.868 Spheroplasts D013104 A11.872 Stem Cells D013234 + A11.936 Trophoblasts D014327 A11.502 Giant Cells D015726 + A11.828 Reed-Sternberg Cells D016539 A11.270 Cells, Immobilized D018914 A11.299 Chromaffin Cells D019439 A11.420 Endocrine Cells of Gut D019858 + A11.710 Pericytes D020286 A11.284 Cellular Structures D022082 + A11.627 Myeloid Cells D022423 + A11.690 Oxyphil Cells D024862 A11.620 Muscle Cells D032342 + A11.635 Myoblasts D032446 + A11.443 Erythroid Cells D041905 + A11.428 Endothelial Cells D042783