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A11 Cells D002477 + A11.329 Connective Tissue Cells D003239 + A11.329.372 Macrophages D008264 + A11.329.372.368 Foam Cells D005487 A11.329.372.385 Histiocytes D006644 A11.329.372.588 Kupffer Cells D007728 A11.329.372.700 Osteoclasts D010010 A11.329.372.300 Epithelioid Cells D015622 A11.329.372.376 Giant Cells, Foreign-Body D015743 A11.329.372.380 Giant Cells, Langhans D015744 A11.329.372.600 Macrophages, Alveolar D016676 A11.329.372.630 Macrophages, Peritoneal D017737
A11 Cells D002477 + A11.627 Myeloid Cells D022423 + A11.627.624 Monocytes D009000 + A11.627.624.480 Macrophages D008264 + A11.627.624.480.368 Foam Cells D005487 A11.627.624.480.385 Histiocytes D006644 A11.627.624.480.588 Kupffer Cells D007728 A11.627.624.480.700 Osteoclasts D010010 A11.627.624.480.300 Epithelioid Cells D015622 A11.627.624.480.376 Giant Cells, Foreign-Body D015743 A11.627.624.480.380 Giant Cells, Langhans D015744 A11.627.624.480.600 Macrophages, Alveolar D016676 A11.627.624.480.630 Macrophages, Peritoneal D017737
A11 Cells D002477 + A11.733 Phagocytes D010586 + A11.733.397 Macrophages D008264 + A11.733.397.368 Foam Cells D005487 A11.733.397.385 Histiocytes D006644 A11.733.397.588 Kupffer Cells D007728 A11.733.397.300 Epithelioid Cells D015622 A11.733.397.376 Giant Cells, Foreign-Body D015743 A11.733.397.380 Giant Cells, Langhans D015744 A11.733.397.600 Macrophages, Alveolar D016676 A11.733.397.630 Macrophages, Peritoneal D017737
A15 Hemic and Immune Systems D006424 + A15.382 Immune System D007107 + A15.382.680 Phagocytes D010586 + A15.382.680.397 Macrophages D008264 + A15.382.680.397.368 Foam Cells D005487 A15.382.680.397.385 Histiocytes D006644 A15.382.680.397.588 Kupffer Cells D007728 A15.382.680.397.300 Epithelioid Cells D015622 A15.382.680.397.376 Giant Cells, Foreign-Body D015743 A15.382.680.397.380 Giant Cells, Langhans D015744 A15.382.680.397.600 Macrophages, Alveolar D016676 A15.382.680.397.630 Macrophages, Peritoneal D017737
A15 Hemic and Immune Systems D006424 + A15.382 Immune System D007107 + A15.382.812 Reticuloendothelial System D012157 + A15.382.812.522 Macrophages D008264 + A15.382.812.522.368 Foam Cells D005487 A15.382.812.522.385 Histiocytes D006644 A15.382.812.522.588 Kupffer Cells D007728 A15.382.812.522.300 Epithelioid Cells D015622 A15.382.812.522.376 Giant Cells, Foreign-Body D015743 A15.382.812.522.380 Giant Cells, Langhans D015744 A15.382.812.522.600 Macrophages, Alveolar D016676 A15.382.812.522.630 Macrophages, Peritoneal D017737