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C01 Bacterial Infections and Mycoses D001423 + C01.252 Bacterial Infections D001424 + C01.252.410 Gram-Positive Bacterial Infections D016908 + C01.252.410.040 Actinomycetales Infections D000193 + C01.252.410.040.552 Mycobacterium Infections D009164 + C01.252.410.040.552.846 Tuberculosis D014376 + C01.252.410.040.552.846.719 Tuberculosis, Lymph Node D014388 + C01.252.410.040.552.846.719.500 King's Evil D018601
C15 Hemic and Lymphatic Diseases D006425 + C15.604 Lymphatic Diseases D008206 + C15.604.921 Tuberculosis, Lymph Node D014388 + C15.604.921.500 King's Evil D018601