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C01 Bacterial Infections and Mycoses D001423 + C01.539 Infection D007239 + C01.539.800 Skin Diseases, Infectious D012874 + C01.539.800.130 Cellulitis D002481 C01.539.800.200 Dermatomycoses D003881 + C01.539.800.460 Paronychia D010304 C01.539.800.720 Skin Diseases, Bacterial D017192 +
C17 Skin and Connective Tissue Diseases D017437 + C17.800 Skin Diseases D012871 + C17.800.838 Skin Diseases, Infectious D012874 + C17.800.838.208 Dermatomycoses D003881 + C17.800.838.486 Paronychia D010304 C17.800.838.775 Skin Diseases, Parasitic D012876 + C17.800.838.765 Skin Diseases, Bacterial D017192 + C17.800.838.790 Skin Diseases, Viral D017193 +