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C02 Virus Diseases D014777 + C02.256 DNA Virus Infections D004266 + C02.256.466 Herpesviridae Infections D006566 + C02.256.466.382 Herpes Simplex D006561 + C02.256.466.382.290 Herpes Genitalis D006558
C02 Virus Diseases D014777 + C02.800 Sexually Transmitted Diseases D012749 + C02.800.801 Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Viral D015229 + C02.800.801.350 Herpes Genitalis D006558
C12 Urologic and Male Genital Diseases D014569 + C12.294 Genital Diseases, Male D005832 + C12.294.300 Herpes Genitalis D006558
C13 Female Genital Diseases and Pregnancy Complications D005261 + C13.371 Genital Diseases, Female D005831 + C13.371.350 Herpes Genitalis D006558