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C04 Neoplasms D009369 + C04.700 Neoplastic Syndromes, Hereditary D009386 + C04.700.175 Basal Cell Nevus Syndrome D001478 C04.700.250 Colorectal Neoplasms, Hereditary Nonpolyposis D003123 C04.700.305 Dysplastic Nevus Syndrome D004416 C04.700.330 Exostoses, Multiple Hereditary D005097 C04.700.435 Hamartoma Syndrome, Multiple D006223 C04.700.630 Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia D009377 + C04.700.635 Nephroblastoma D009396 + C04.700.705 Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome D010580 C04.700.100 Adenomatous Polyposis Coli D011125 + C04.700.852 Sturge-Weber Syndrome D013341 C04.700.600 Li-Fraumeni Syndrome D016864 C04.700.645 Neurofibromatoses D017253 +
C16 Congenital, Hereditary, and Neonatal Diseases and Abnormalities D009358 + C16.320 Genetic Diseases, Inborn D030342 + C16.320.700 Neoplastic Syndromes, Hereditary D009386 + C16.320.700.175 Basal Cell Nevus Syndrome D001478 C16.320.700.250 Colorectal Neoplasms, Hereditary Nonpolyposis D003123 C16.320.700.305 Dysplastic Nevus Syndrome D004416 C16.320.700.330 Exostoses, Multiple Hereditary D005097 C16.320.700.435 Hamartoma Syndrome, Multiple D006223 C16.320.700.630 Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia D009377 + C16.320.700.642 Nephroblastoma D009396 + C16.320.700.705 Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome D010580 C16.320.700.100 Adenomatous Polyposis Coli D011125 + C16.320.700.852 Sturge-Weber Syndrome D013341 C16.320.700.600 Li-Fraumeni Syndrome D016864 C16.320.700.645 Neurofibromatoses D017253 +