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C04 Neoplasms D009369 + C04.557 Neoplasms by Histologic Type D009370 + C04.557.465 Neoplasms, Germ Cell and Embryonal D009373 + C04.557.465.955 Trophoblastic Neoplasms D014328 + C04.557.465.955.207 Choriocarcinoma D002822 + C04.557.465.955.416 Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasms D031901 +
C04 Neoplasms D009369 + C04.850 Pregnancy Complications, Neoplastic D011252 + C04.850.908 Trophoblastic Neoplasms D014328 + C04.850.908.416 Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasms D031901 +
C13 Female Genital Diseases and Pregnancy Complications D005261 + C13.703 Pregnancy Complications D011248 + C13.703.720 Pregnancy Complications, Neoplastic D011252 + C13.703.720.949 Trophoblastic Neoplasms D014328 + C13.703.720.949.416 Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasms D031901 +