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C10 Nervous System Diseases D009422 + C10.597 Neurologic Manifestations D009461 + C10.597.622 Paralysis D010243 + C10.597.622.214 Facial Paralysis D005158 C10.597.622.295 Hemiplegia D006429 C10.597.622.447 Ophthalmoplegia D009886 + C10.597.622.669 Paraplegia D010264 + C10.597.622.760 Quadriplegia D011782 C10.597.622.812 Respiratory Paralysis D012133 C10.597.622.943 Vocal Cord Paralysis D014826 C10.597.622.714 Pseudobulbar Palsy D020828
C23 Pathological Conditions, Signs and Symptoms D013568 + C23.888 Signs and Symptoms D012816 + C23.888.592 Neurologic Manifestations D009461 + C23.888.592.636 Paralysis D010243 + C23.888.592.636.214 Facial Paralysis D005158 C23.888.592.636.312 Hemiplegia D006429 C23.888.592.636.447 Ophthalmoplegia D009886 + C23.888.592.636.637 Paraplegia D010264 + C23.888.592.636.786 Quadriplegia D011782 C23.888.592.636.812 Respiratory Paralysis D012133 C23.888.592.636.943 Vocal Cord Paralysis D014826 C23.888.592.636.263 Gastroparesis D018589 C23.888.592.636.711 Pseudobulbar Palsy D020828