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C01 Bacterial Infections and Mycoses D001423 + C01.539 Infection D007239 + C01.539.895 Urinary Tract Infections D014552 + C01.539.895.219 Bacteriuria D001437 C01.539.895.719 Pyuria D011776 C01.539.895.775 Schistosomiasis haematobia D012553
C12 Urologic and Male Genital Diseases D014569 + C12.777 Urologic Diseases D014570 + C12.777.892 Urinary Tract Infections D014552 + C12.777.892.219 Bacteriuria D001437 C12.777.892.719 Pyuria D011776 C12.777.892.775 Schistosomiasis haematobia D012553