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C05 Musculoskeletal Diseases D009140 + C05.550 Joint Diseases D007592 + C05.550.114 Arthritis D001168 + C05.550.114.154 Arthritis, Rheumatoid D001172 + C05.550.114.154.219 Caplan's Syndrome D002205
C05 Musculoskeletal Diseases D009140 + C05.799 Rheumatic Diseases D012216 + C05.799.114 Arthritis, Rheumatoid D001172 + C05.799.114.219 Caplan's Syndrome D002205
C08 Respiratory Tract Diseases D012140 + C08.381 Lung Diseases D008171 + C08.381.483 Lung Diseases, Interstitial D017563 + C08.381.483.600 Pneumoconiosis D011009 + C08.381.483.600.300 Caplan's Syndrome D002205
C17 Skin and Connective Tissue Diseases D017437 + C17.300 Connective Tissue Diseases D003240 + C17.300.775 Rheumatic Diseases D012216 + C17.300.775.099 Arthritis, Rheumatoid D001172 + C17.300.775.099.219 Caplan's Syndrome D002205
C21 Disorders of Environmental Origin D007280 + C21.447 Occupational Diseases D009784 + C21.447.800 Pneumoconiosis D011009 + C21.447.800.340 Caplan's Syndrome D002205