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C17 Skin and Connective Tissue Diseases D017437 + C17.800 Skin Diseases D012871 + C17.800.060 Angiolymphoid Hyperplasia with Eosinophilia D000796 C17.800.120 Cicatrix D002921 C17.800.174 Dermatitis D003872 + C17.800.185 Dermatomyositis D003882 C17.800.229 Erythema D004890 + C17.800.257 Exanthema D005076 + C17.800.271 Facial Dermatoses D005148 + C17.800.321 Foot Diseases D005534 + C17.800.329 Hair Diseases D006201 + C17.800.338 Hand Dermatoses D006229 C17.800.417 Keratoacanthoma D007636 C17.800.428 Keratosis D007642 + C17.800.446 Leg Dermatoses D007868 C17.800.463 Lipomatosis D008068 C17.800.480 Lupus Erythematosus, Cutaneous D008178 + C17.800.508 Mastocytosis D008415 + C17.800.529 Nail Diseases D009260 + C17.800.600 Photosensitivity Disorders D010787 + C17.800.621 Pigmentation Disorders D010859 + C17.800.674 Prurigo D011536 C17.800.685 Pruritus D011537 + C17.800.695 Pyoderma D011711 + C17.800.738 Scalp Dermatoses D012536 + C17.800.751 Scleredema Adultorum D012592 C17.800.767 Scleroderma, Localized D012594 C17.800.784 Scleroderma, Systemic D012595 + C17.800.794 Sebaceous Gland Diseases D012625 + C17.800.804 Skin Abnormalities D012868 + C17.800.865 Skin Diseases, Vesiculobullous D012872 + C17.800.827 Skin Diseases, Genetic D012873 + C17.800.838 Skin Diseases, Infectious D012874 + C17.800.849 Skin Diseases, Metabolic D012875 + C17.800.871 Skin Manifestations D012877 C17.800.882 Skin Neoplasms D012878 + C17.800.893 Skin Ulcer D012883 + C17.800.946 Sweat Gland Diseases D013543 + C17.800.566 Panniculitis D015434 + C17.800.550 Necrobiotic Disorders D017441 + C17.800.815 Skin Diseases, Eczematous D017443 + C17.800.859 Skin Diseases, Papulosquamous D017444 + C17.800.862 Skin Diseases, Vascular D017445 + C17.800.030 Acneiform Eruptions D017486 + C17.800.135 Cutaneous Fistula D017577