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C21 Disorders of Environmental Origin D007280 + C21.613 Poisoning D011041 + C21.613.068 Argyria D001129 C21.613.127 Bites and Stings D001733 + C21.613.165 Cadmium Poisoning D002105 C21.613.177 Carbon Tetrachloride Poisoning D002252 C21.613.276 Drug Toxicity D004362 + C21.613.327 Ergotism D004881 C21.613.380 Fluoride Poisoning D005458 C21.613.415 Food Poisoning D005517 + C21.613.455 Gas Poisoning D005739 + C21.613.512 Hepatitis, Toxic D006523 + C21.613.589 Lead Poisoning D007855 + C21.613.647 Mercury Poisoning D008630 + C21.613.756 Plant Poisoning D010939 + C21.613.809 Psychoses, Substance-Induced D011605 C21.613.932 Water Intoxication D014869 C21.613.730 Overdose D015537 C21.613.680 Mycotoxicosis D015651 + C21.613.618 Manganese Poisoning D020149 C21.613.705 Neurotoxicity Syndromes D020258 + C21.613.097 Arsenic Poisoning D020261