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C21 Disorders of Environmental Origin D007280 + C21.866 Wounds and Injuries D014947 + C21.866.017 Abdominal Injuries D000007 + C21.866.062 Amputation, Traumatic D000673 C21.866.088 Arm Injuries D001134 + C21.866.103 Asphyxia D001237 C21.866.115 Athletic Injuries D001265 C21.866.120 Barotrauma D001469 + C21.866.141 Birth Injuries D001720 + C21.866.153 Bites and Stings D001733 + C21.866.200 Burns D002056 + C21.866.248 Contusions D003288 C21.866.289 Dislocations D004204 + C21.866.304 Drowning D004332 C21.866.324 Electric Injuries D004556 + C21.866.348 Esophageal Perforation D004939 C21.866.371 Extravasation of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Materials D005119 C21.866.392 Foreign Bodies D005547 + C21.866.405 Fractures D005595 + C21.866.417 Frostbite D005627 + C21.866.448 Hand Injuries D006230 + C21.866.260 Craniocerebral Trauma D006259 + C21.866.558 Leg Injuries D007869 + C21.866.640 Multiple Trauma D009104 C21.866.733 Radiation Injuries D011832 + C21.866.748 Retropneumoperitoneum D012188 C21.866.761 Rupture D012421 + C21.866.780 Self Mutilation D012652 C21.866.797 Shock, Traumatic D012774 C21.866.819 Spinal Cord Injuries D013119 + C21.866.831 Spinal Injuries D013124 + C21.866.844 Sprains and Strains D013180 + C21.866.874 Tendon Injuries D013708 C21.866.891 Thoracic Injuries D013898 + C21.866.951 Wound Infection D014946 C21.866.974 Wounds, Nonpenetrating D014949 + C21.866.986 Wounds, Penetrating D014950 + C21.866.808 Soft Tissue Injuries D017695 C21.866.930 Tympanic Membrane Perforation D018058 C21.866.900 Tooth Injuries D018677 + C21.866.522 Heat Stress Disorders D018882 + C21.866.117 Back Injuries D019567 + C21.866.700 Neck Injuries D019838 + C21.866.915 Trauma, Nervous System D020196 + C21.866.540 Lacerations D022125 C21.866.531 Hip Injuries D025981 +