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C21 Disorders of Environmental Origin D007280 + C21.866 Wounds and Injuries D014947 + C21.866.405 Fractures D005595 + C21.866.405.207 Femoral Fractures D005264 + C21.866.405.248 Fractures, Closed D005596 C21.866.405.279 Fractures, Open D005597 C21.866.405.310 Fractures, Spontaneous D005598 C21.866.405.341 Fractures, Ununited D005599 + C21.866.405.358 Hip Fractures D006620 C21.866.405.410 Humeral Fractures D006810 C21.866.405.638 Radius Fractures D011885 C21.866.405.679 Rib Fractures D012253 C21.866.405.727 Shoulder Fractures D012784 C21.866.405.762 Skull Fractures D012887 + C21.866.405.829 Tibial Fractures D013978 C21.866.405.908 Ulna Fractures D014458 C21.866.405.320 Fractures, Stress D015775 C21.866.405.795 Spinal Fractures D016103 C21.866.405.263 Fractures, Malunited D017759 C21.866.405.255 Fractures, Comminuted D018460