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C10 Nervous System Diseases D009422 + C10.228 Central Nervous System Diseases D002493 + C10.228.854 Spinal Cord Diseases D013118 + C10.228.854.770 Spinal Cord Injuries D013119 + C10.228.854.770.500 Central Cord Syndrome D020210
C10 Nervous System Diseases D009422 + C10.900 Trauma, Nervous System D020196 + C10.900.850 Spinal Cord Injuries D013119 + C10.900.850.625 Central Cord Syndrome D020210 C10.900.850.250 Autonomic Dysreflexia D020211
C21 Disorders of Environmental Origin D007280 + C21.866 Wounds and Injuries D014947 + C21.866.819 Spinal Cord Injuries D013119 + C21.866.819.678 Spinal Cord Compression D013117 C21.866.819.339 Central Cord Syndrome D020210