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C23 Pathological Conditions, Signs and Symptoms D013568 + C23.888 Signs and Symptoms D012816 + C23.888.089 Asthenia D001247 C23.888.119 Body Temperature Changes D001832 + C23.888.169 Body Weight Changes D001836 + C23.888.248 Cyanosis D003490 C23.888.277 Edema D004487 + C23.888.307 Eye Manifestations D005132 C23.888.369 Fatigue D005221 C23.888.388 Flushing D005483 C23.888.447 Heart Murmurs D006337 C23.888.592 Neurologic Manifestations D009461 + C23.888.619 Oral Manifestations D009912 C23.888.646 Pain D010146 + C23.888.821 Signs and Symptoms, Digestive D012817 + C23.888.852 Signs and Symptoms, Respiratory D012818 + C23.888.885 Skin Manifestations D012877 C23.888.475 Hot Flashes D019584 C23.888.069 Aging, Premature D019588 C23.888.681 Pseudophakia D019591 C23.888.942 Urological Manifestations D020924 + C23.888.208 Chills D023341 C23.888.760 Reticulocytosis D045262