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C10 Nervous System Diseases D009422 + C10.597 Neurologic Manifestations D009461 + C10.597.606 Neurobehavioral Manifestations D019954 + C10.597.606.358 Consciousness Disorders D003244 + C10.597.606.358.800 Unconsciousness D014474 + C10.597.606.358.800.200 Coma D003128 C10.597.606.358.800.200.100 Brain Death D001926 C10.597.606.358.800.200.600 Insulin Coma D007331 C10.597.606.358.800.200.200 Coma, Post-Head Injury D020207
C23 Pathological Conditions, Signs and Symptoms D013568 + C23.888 Signs and Symptoms D012816 + C23.888.592 Neurologic Manifestations D009461 + C23.888.592.604 Neurobehavioral Manifestations D019954 + C23.888.592.604.359 Consciousness Disorders D003244 + C23.888.592.604.359.800 Unconsciousness D014474 + C23.888.592.604.359.800.200 Coma D003128