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D15 Central Nervous System Agents D002491 + D15.020 Alcohol Deterrents D000427 D15.220 Central Nervous System Stimulants D000697 + D15.040 Analgesics D000700 + D15.045 Adjuvants, Anesthesia D000759 D15.050 Anesthetics D000777 + D15.080 Anticonvulsants D000927 D15.095 Antiemetics D000932 D15.153 Antitussive Agents D000996 D15.210 Central Nervous System Depressants D002492 + D15.270 Emetics D004639 D15.300 Hallucinogens D006213 D15.325 Hypnotics and Sedatives D006993 D15.525 Muscle Relaxants, Central D009125 D15.550 Narcotic Antagonists D009292 D15.700 Psychotropic Drugs D011619 + D15.575 Neuroprotective Agents D018696 D15.590 Nootropic Agents D018697 D15.090 Anti-Dyskinesia Agents D018726 + D15.140 Anti-Obesity Agents D019440 +
D27 Chemical Actions and Uses D020164 + D27.505 Pharmacologic Actions D020228 + D27.505.954 Therapeutic Uses D045506 + D27.505.954.427 Central Nervous System Agents D002491 + D27.505.954.427.020 Alcohol Deterrents D000427 D27.505.954.427.220 Central Nervous System Stimulants D000697 + D27.505.954.427.040 Analgesics D000700 + D27.505.954.427.010 Adjuvants, Anesthesia D000759 D27.505.954.427.080 Anticonvulsants D000927 D27.505.954.427.095 Antiemetics D000932 D27.505.954.427.153 Antitussive Agents D000996 D27.505.954.427.210 Central Nervous System Depressants D002492 + D27.505.954.427.270 Emetics D004639 D27.505.954.427.300 Hallucinogens D006213 D27.505.954.427.325 Hypnotics and Sedatives D006993 D27.505.954.427.525 Muscle Relaxants, Central D009125 D27.505.954.427.550 Narcotic Antagonists D009292 D27.505.954.427.700 Psychotropic Drugs D011619 + D27.505.954.427.575 Neuroprotective Agents D018696 D27.505.954.427.637 Nootropic Agents D018697 D27.505.954.427.090 Anti-Dyskinesia Agents D018726 + D27.505.954.427.140 Anti-Obesity Agents D019440 +