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D24 Immunologic and Biological Factors D007151 + D24.611 Immunologic Factors D007155 + D24.611.062 Adjuvants, Immunologic D000276 D24.611.093 Agglutinins D000373 + D24.611.125 Antibodies D000906 + D24.611.171 Antigen-Antibody Complex D000936 + D24.611.216 Antigens D000941 + D24.611.333 Complement D003165 + D24.611.779 Properdin D011414 D24.611.924 Tuftsin D014405 D24.611.935 Virus Inhibitors D014778 D24.611.274 Biological Response Modifiers D015545 + D24.611.350 Cytokines D016207 + D24.611.600 Antimicrobial Cationic Peptides D023181 +
D27 Chemical Actions and Uses D020164 + D27.505 Pharmacologic Actions D020228 + D27.505.696 Physiological Effects of Drugs D045505 + D27.505.696.444 Immunologic and Biological Factors D007151 + D27.505.696.444.611 Immunologic Factors D007155 + D27.505.696.444.611.062 Adjuvants, Immunologic D000276 D27.505.696.444.611.313 Complement Inactivators D003169 + D27.505.696.444.611.274 Biological Response Modifiers D015545 +