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D25 Biomedical and Dental Materials D001697 + D25.058 Alloys D000497 + D25.130 Biocompatible Materials D001672 D25.187 Cariogenic Agents D002326 D25.223 Cariostatic Agents D002327 D25.264 Ceramics D002516 D25.339 Dental Materials D003764 D25.376 Dentifrices D003802 + D25.583 Mouthwashes D009067 D25.700 Plasticizers D010968 + D25.720 Polymers D011108 + D25.800 Root Canal Irrigants D012388 D25.919 Tissue Adhesives D014014
D27 Chemical Actions and Uses D020164 + D27.720 Specialty Uses of Chemicals D020313 + D27.720.102 Biomedical and Dental Materials D001697 + D27.720.102.130 Biocompatible Materials D001672 D27.720.102.158 Bone Cements D001843 D27.720.102.187 Cariogenic Agents D002326 D27.720.102.223 Cariostatic Agents D002327 D27.720.102.339 Dental Materials D003764 D27.720.102.583 Mouthwashes D009067 D27.720.102.919 Tissue Adhesives D014014