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D27 Chemical Actions and Uses D020164 + D27.505 Pharmacologic Actions D020228 + D27.505.519 Molecular Mechanisms of Action D045504 + D27.505.519.124 Alkylating Agents D000477 + D27.505.519.186 Antimetabolites D000963 + D27.505.519.225 Calcium Channel Agonists D002120 D27.505.519.233 Calcium Channel Blockers D002121 D27.505.519.249 Chelating Agents D002614 + D27.505.519.389 Enzyme Inhibitors D004791 + D27.505.519.405 Enzyme Reactivators D004793 + D27.505.519.421 Fibrinolytic Agents D005343 D27.505.519.500 Ionophores D007476 D27.505.519.437 Free Radical Scavengers D016166 D27.505.519.625 Neurotransmitter Agents D018377 + D27.505.519.656 Nitric Oxide Donors D020030 D27.505.519.374 Enzyme Activators D020536 + D27.505.519.468 HIV Fusion Inhibitors D023581 D27.505.519.687 Potassium Channel Blockers D026902 D27.505.519.875 Sodium Channel Blockers D026941