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E05 Investigative Techniques D008919 + E05.318 Epidemiologic Methods D004812 + E05.318.308 Data Collection D003625 + E05.318.308.985 Vital Statistics D014798 + E05.318.308.985.550 Mortality D009026 + E05.318.308.985.550.250 Cause of Death D002423 E05.318.308.985.550.475 Infant Mortality D007226 E05.318.308.985.550.500 Maternal Mortality D008428 E05.318.308.985.550.900 Survival Rate D015996 E05.318.308.985.550.400 Hospital Mortality D017052 E05.318.308.985.550.325 Fatal Outcome D017809
G03 Environment and Public Health D004778 + G03.850 Public Health D011634 + G03.850.505 Epidemiologic Measurements D015991 + G03.850.505.400 Demography D003710 + G03.850.505.400.975 Vital Statistics D014798 + G03.850.505.400.975.550 Mortality D009026 + G03.850.505.400.975.550.250 Cause of Death D002423 G03.850.505.400.975.550.475 Infant Mortality D007226 G03.850.505.400.975.550.500 Maternal Mortality D008428 G03.850.505.400.975.550.900 Survival Rate D015996 G03.850.505.400.975.550.400 Hospital Mortality D017052 G03.850.505.400.975.550.325 Fatal Outcome D017809
G03 Environment and Public Health D004778 + G03.850 Public Health D011634 + G03.850.520 Epidemiologic Methods D004812 + G03.850.520.308 Data Collection D003625 + G03.850.520.308.985 Vital Statistics D014798 + G03.850.520.308.985.550 Mortality D009026 + G03.850.520.308.985.550.250 Cause of Death D002423 G03.850.520.308.985.550.475 Infant Mortality D007226 G03.850.520.308.985.550.500 Maternal Mortality D008428 G03.850.520.308.985.550.900 Survival Rate D015996 G03.850.520.308.985.550.400 Hospital Mortality D017052 G03.850.520.308.985.550.325 Fatal Outcome D017809
L01 Information Science D007254 + L01.280 Data Collection D003625 + L01.280.975 Vital Statistics D014798 + L01.280.975.550 Mortality D009026 + L01.280.975.550.250 Cause of Death D002423 L01.280.975.550.475 Infant Mortality D007226 L01.280.975.550.500 Maternal Mortality D008428 L01.280.975.550.900 Survival Rate D015996 L01.280.975.550.400 Hospital Mortality D017052 L01.280.975.550.325 Fatal Outcome D017809
N01 Population Characteristics D011154 + N01.224 Demography D003710 + N01.224.935 Vital Statistics D014798 + N01.224.935.698 Mortality D009026 + N01.224.935.698.100 Cause of Death D002423 N01.224.935.698.302 Fetal Death D005313 N01.224.935.698.489 Infant Mortality D007226 N01.224.935.698.653 Maternal Mortality D008428 N01.224.935.698.826 Survival Rate D015996 N01.224.935.698.400 Hospital Mortality D017052 N01.224.935.698.201 Fatal Outcome D017809