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E05 Investigative Techniques D008919 + E05.318 Epidemiologic Methods D004812 + E05.318.740 Statistics D013223 + E05.318.740.100 Actuarial Analysis D000206 E05.318.740.150 Analysis of Variance D000704 + E05.318.740.300 Data Interpretation, Statistical D003627 E05.318.740.400 Factor Analysis, Statistical D005163 E05.318.740.525 Monte Carlo Method D009010 E05.318.740.600 Probability D011336 + E05.318.740.750 Regression Analysis D012044 + E05.318.740.872 Sensitivity and Specificity D012680 E05.318.740.996 Stochastic Processes D013269 + E05.318.740.500 Models, Statistical D015233 + E05.318.740.250 Cluster Analysis D016000 + E05.318.740.275 Confidence Intervals D016001 E05.318.740.350 Discriminant Analysis D016002 E05.318.740.994 Statistical Distributions D016008 + E05.318.740.998 Survival Analysis D016019 + E05.318.740.475 Matched-Pair Analysis D016555 E05.318.740.995 Statistics, Nonparametric D018709 E05.318.740.200 Area Under Curve D019540
G03 Environment and Public Health D004778 + G03.850 Public Health D011634 + G03.850.520 Epidemiologic Methods D004812 + G03.850.520.830 Statistics D013223 + G03.850.520.830.100 Actuarial Analysis D000206 G03.850.520.830.150 Analysis of Variance D000704 + G03.850.520.830.300 Data Interpretation, Statistical D003627 G03.850.520.830.400 Factor Analysis, Statistical D005163 G03.850.520.830.525 Monte Carlo Method D009010 G03.850.520.830.600 Probability D011336 + G03.850.520.830.750 Regression Analysis D012044 + G03.850.520.830.872 Sensitivity and Specificity D012680 G03.850.520.830.996 Stochastic Processes D013269 + G03.850.520.830.500 Models, Statistical D015233 + G03.850.520.830.250 Cluster Analysis D016000 + G03.850.520.830.275 Confidence Intervals D016001 G03.850.520.830.350 Discriminant Analysis D016002 G03.850.520.830.994 Statistical Distributions D016008 + G03.850.520.830.998 Survival Analysis D016019 + G03.850.520.830.475 Matched-Pair Analysis D016555 G03.850.520.830.995 Statistics, Nonparametric D018709 G03.850.520.830.200 Area Under Curve D019540
H01 Natural Sciences D010811 + H01.548 Mathematics D008433 + H01.548.832 Statistics D013223 + H01.548.832.067 Actuarial Analysis D000206 H01.548.832.128 Analysis of Variance D000704 + H01.548.832.160 Biometry D001699 H01.548.832.319 Data Interpretation, Statistical D003627 H01.548.832.373 Factor Analysis, Statistical D005163 H01.548.832.522 Monte Carlo Method D009010 H01.548.832.672 Probability D011336 + H01.548.832.793 Regression Analysis D012044 + H01.548.832.803 ROC Curve D012372 H01.548.832.852 Sensitivity and Specificity D012680 H01.548.832.950 Stochastic Processes D013269 + H01.548.832.266 Cluster Analysis D016000 + H01.548.832.292 Confidence Intervals D016001 H01.548.832.346 Discriminant Analysis D016002 H01.548.832.901 Statistical Distributions D016008 + H01.548.832.975 Survival Analysis D016019 + H01.548.832.475 Matched-Pair Analysis D016555 H01.548.832.925 Statistics, Nonparametric D018709 H01.548.832.650 Principal Component Analysis D025341
N05 Health Care Quality, Access, and Evaluation D017530 + N05.715 Quality of Health Care D011787 + N05.715.360 Health Care Evaluation Mechanisms D017531 + N05.715.360.750 Statistics D013223 + N05.715.360.750.100 Actuarial Analysis D000206 N05.715.360.750.125 Analysis of Variance D000704 + N05.715.360.750.300 Data Interpretation, Statistical D003627 N05.715.360.750.350 Factor Analysis, Statistical D005163 N05.715.360.750.540 Monte Carlo Method D009010 N05.715.360.750.625 Probability D011336 + N05.715.360.750.695 Regression Analysis D012044 + N05.715.360.750.725 Sensitivity and Specificity D012680 N05.715.360.750.770 Stochastic Processes D013269 + N05.715.360.750.530 Models, Statistical D015233 + N05.715.360.750.200 Cluster Analysis D016000 + N05.715.360.750.220 Confidence Intervals D016001 N05.715.360.750.325 Discriminant Analysis D016002 N05.715.360.750.750 Statistical Distributions D016008 + N05.715.360.750.795 Survival Analysis D016019 + N05.715.360.750.500 Matched-Pair Analysis D016555 N05.715.360.750.760 Statistics, Nonparametric D018709