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E07 Equipment and Supplies D004864 + E07.043 Amplifiers D000669 E07.079 Atmosphere Exposure Chambers D001273 E07.101 Bandages D001458 + E07.150 Catheters, Indwelling D002408 E07.190 Contraceptive Devices D003273 + E07.206 Culture Media D003470 + E07.222 Dental Equipment D003748 + E07.252 Disposable Equipment D004209 E07.278 Durable Medical Equipment D004389 E07.296 Electrodes D004566 E07.315 Emergency Medical Tags D004633 E07.325 Equipment and Supplies, Hospital D004865 + E07.390 G Suits D005676 E07.461 Incubators D007185 + E07.505 Infusion Pumps D007260 + E07.525 Lasers D007834 E07.532 Lenses D007909 + E07.560 Micropore Filters D008851 E07.565 Microspheres D008863 + E07.605 Nebulizers and Vaporizers D009330 E07.612 Needles D009339 E07.652 Oxygenators D010106 + E07.690 Power Sources D011211 + E07.700 Protective Devices D011482 + E07.720 Reagent Kits, Diagnostic D011933 + E07.950 Ventilators, Mechanical D012122 + E07.796 Self-Help Devices D012656 + E07.814 Sensory Aids D012682 + E07.858 Surgical Equipment D013523 + E07.877 Syringes D013594 E07.900 Thermometers D013821 E07.926 Tourniquets D014111 E07.943 Transducers D014159 + E07.960 X-Ray Film D014962 E07.970 X-Ray Intensifying Screens D014963 E07.490 Infant Equipment D015370 + E07.913 Tomography Scanners, X-Ray Computed D015898 E07.420 Gamma Cameras D015902 E07.430 Gastric Balloon D015905 E07.427 Gas Scavengers D015920 E07.546 Medicine Chests D019026 E07.671 Phantoms, Imaging D019047 E07.115 Bioreactors D019149 E07.230 Diagnostic Equipment D019719 + E07.695 Prostheses and Implants D019736 + E07.945 Transplants D019737 E07.862 Surgically-Created Structures D019738 + E07.553 Microbubbles D045423