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G01 Biological Sciences D001690 + G01.273 Biology D001695 + G01.273.688 Parasitology D010274 + G01.273.688.500 Food Parasitology D016266
G03 Environment and Public Health D004778 + G03.850 Public Health D011634 + G03.850.460 Environmental Pollution D004787 + G03.850.460.400 Food Contamination D005506 + G03.850.460.400.650 Food Parasitology D016266
H01 Natural Sciences D010811 + H01.158 Biological Sciences D001690 + H01.158.273 Biology D001695 + H01.158.273.688 Parasitology D010274 + H01.158.273.688.500 Food Parasitology D016266
J01 Technology, Industry, and Agriculture D013676 + J01.576 Industry D007221 + J01.576.423 Food Industry D019649 + J01.576.423.850 Food Technology D005524 + J01.576.423.850.650 Food Parasitology D016266