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F04 Behavioral Disciplines and Activities D004191 + F04.096 Behavioral Sciences D001525 + F04.096.712 Psychopharmacology D011600
F04 Behavioral Disciplines and Activities D004191 + F04.570 Psychiatric Somatic Therapies D013000 + F04.570.505 Psychopharmacology D011600 F04.570.505.557 Narcotherapy D009291
G01 Biological Sciences D001690 + G01.703 Pharmacology D010600 + G01.703.546 Psychopharmacology D011600
G02 Health Occupations D006281 + G02.628 Pharmacology D010600 + G02.628.546 Psychopharmacology D011600
H01 Natural Sciences D010811 + H01.158 Biological Sciences D001690 + H01.158.703 Pharmacology D010600 + H01.158.703.546 Psychopharmacology D011600