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F01 Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms D001520 + F01.829 Psychology, Social D011593 + F01.829.263 Family D005190 + F01.829.263.315 Family Characteristics D005191 + F01.829.263.315.500 Marital Status D017533 +
G03 Environment and Public Health D004778 + G03.850 Public Health D011634 + G03.850.505 Epidemiologic Measurements D015991 + G03.850.505.400 Demography D003710 + G03.850.505.400.400 Family Characteristics D005191 + G03.850.505.400.400.160 Birth Order D001722
I01 Social Sciences D012942 + I01.240 Demography D003710 + I01.240.361 Family Characteristics D005191 + I01.240.361.150 Birth Intervals D001721 I01.240.361.160 Birth Order D001722 I01.240.361.500 Marital Status D017533 +
I01 Social Sciences D012942 + I01.880 Sociology D012961 + I01.880.225 Family D005190 + I01.880.225.423 Family Characteristics D005191 + I01.880.225.423.500 Marital Status D017533 +
N01 Population Characteristics D011154 + N01.224 Demography D003710 + N01.224.361 Family Characteristics D005191 + N01.224.361.150 Birth Intervals D001721 N01.224.361.160 Birth Order D001722 N01.224.361.500 Marital Status D017533 +
N01 Population Characteristics D011154 + N01.824 Socioeconomic Factors D012959 + N01.824.308 Family Characteristics D005191 + N01.824.308.500 Marital Status D017533 +