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G08 Reproductive and Urinary Physiology D012101 + G08.520 Reproduction D012098 + G08.520.150 Climacteric D002979 + G08.520.227 Fertility D005298 G08.520.277 Fertilization D005306 + G08.520.170 Embryo and Fetal Development D005314 + G08.520.310 Gametogenesis D005718 + G08.520.392 Insemination D007314 + G08.520.420 Maternal Age D008423 + G08.520.440 Menstrual Cycle D008597 + G08.520.480 Oviposition D010058 G08.520.175 Embryo Implantation D010064 + G08.520.615 Parity D010298 G08.520.689 Parthenogenesis D010312 G08.520.700 Paternal Age D010331 G08.520.720 Placentation D010929 G08.520.769 Pregnancy D011247 + G08.520.840 Pregnancy Trimesters D011264 + G08.520.780 Pregnancy, Animal D011270 + G08.520.800 Pregnancy, Multiple D011272 + G08.520.850 Pregnancy, Unwanted D011275 G08.520.860 Prenatal Exposure Delayed Effects D011297 G08.520.870 Pseudopregnancy D011555 G08.520.876 Puberty D011627 + G08.520.882 Puerperium D011646 + G08.520.900 Sex D012723 G08.520.902 Sexual Behavior D012725 + G08.520.905 Sex Characteristics D012727 G08.520.920 Sex Reversal, Gonadal D012745 G08.520.351 Gravidity D020073 G08.520.188 Estrous Cycle D030762 + G08.520.891 Reproductive Behavior D043762 +