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F04 Behavioral Disciplines and Activities D004191 + F04.096 Behavioral Sciences D001525 + F04.096.879 Social Sciences D012942 + F04.096.879.201 Anthropology D000883 F04.096.879.757 Sociology D012961 +
I01 Social Sciences D012942 + I01.076 Anthropology D000883 I01.198 Criminology D003418 + I01.240 Demography D003710 + I01.261 Economics D004467 + I01.283 Environment Design D004779 I01.320 Forecasting D005544 I01.409 Government D006076 + I01.451 Government Programs D006078 + I01.696 Political Systems D011056 + I01.738 Politics D011057 + I01.800 Quality of Life D011788 I01.880 Sociology D012961 + I01.791 Private Sector D017149 I01.795 Public Sector D017150 I01.137 Cost of Illness D017281 I01.615 Internationality D038622 +