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I01 Social Sciences D012942 + I01.261 Economics D004467 + I01.261.100 Capitalism D030861 I01.261.750 Resource Allocation D040841 +
N03 Health Care Economics and Organizations D004472 + N03.219 Economics D004467 + N03.219.151 Costs and Cost Analysis D003365 + N03.219.188 Economic Competition D004465 N03.219.224 Economics, Dental D004468 + N03.219.262 Economics, Hospital D004469 + N03.219.300 Economics, Medical D004470 + N03.219.338 Economics, Nursing D004471 N03.219.442 Fees and Charges D005249 + N03.219.463 Financial Management D005376 + N03.219.483 Financial Support D005378 + N03.219.521 Financing, Organized D005381 + N03.219.559 Financing, Personal D005382 + N03.219.680 Inflation, Economic D007250 N03.219.702 Investments D007449 N03.219.780 Medical Indigency D008489 N03.219.900 Taxes D013660 + N03.219.390 Economics, Pharmaceutical D017850 N03.219.650 Health Care Sector D019981 N03.219.075 Compensation and Redress D035881