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M01 Persons D009272 + M01.050 Abortion Applicants D000023 M01.097 Child, Abandoned D002670 M01.102 Child, Exceptional D002671 + M01.111 Child, Unwanted D002676 M01.120 Consultants D003253 M01.228 Famous Persons D005197 M01.150 Disabled Persons D006233 + M01.325 Homeless Persons D006703 + M01.380 Legal Guardians D007872 + M01.390 Men D008571 + M01.395 Mentors D008611 M01.438 Multiple Birth Offspring D009099 + M01.060 Age Groups D009273 + M01.526 Occupational Groups D009274 + M01.620 Parents D010290 + M01.643 Patients D010361 + M01.729 Prisoners D011329 M01.755 Refugees D012036 M01.770 Research Personnel D012108 M01.778 Sexual Partners D012747 M01.785 Single Person D012847 M01.848 Students D013334 + M01.898 Tissue Donors D014019 + M01.920 Transients and Migrants D014171 M01.930 Veterans D014728 M01.935 Visitors to Patients D014789 M01.955 Voluntary Workers D014838 + M01.975 Women D014930 + M01.093 Child of Impaired Parents D016241 M01.085 Caregivers D017028 M01.385 Medically Uninsured D017057 M01.860 Survivors D017741 + M01.816 Spouses D018454 M01.276 Homebound Persons D018577 M01.873 Terminally Ill D019452 M01.135 Crime Victims D019548 M01.055 Adult Children D032721 M01.252 Friends D033062 M01.352 Jehovah's Witnesses D033221 M01.416 Minors D033242 M01.781 Siblings D035781 M01.774 Research Subjects D035842 M01.965 Vulnerable Populations D035862 M01.686 Population Groups D044382