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N02 Health Care Facilities, Manpower, and Services D005159 + N02.278 Health Facilities D006268 + N02.278.020 Academic Medical Centers D000046 + N02.278.035 Ambulatory Care Facilities D000554 + N02.278.050 Bed Occupancy D001509 N02.278.192 Dental Facilities D003749 + N02.278.200 Facility Design and Construction D005160 + N02.278.215 Health Facilities, Proprietary D006269 + N02.278.218 Health Facility Closure D006271 N02.278.220 Health Facility Environment D006272 N02.278.235 Health Facility Merger D006273 N02.278.255 Health Facility Moving D006274 N02.278.306 Health Facility Size D006276 N02.278.354 Hospital Administration D006739 N02.278.388 Hospital Units D006757 + N02.278.421 Hospitals D006761 + N02.278.487 Laboratories D007753 + N02.278.524 Leper Colonies D007914 N02.278.562 Medical Office Buildings D008494 N02.278.617 Nurseries D009724 + N02.278.678 Pharmacies D010594 N02.278.692 Physicians' Offices D010824 N02.278.726 Poison Control Centers D011039 N02.278.808 Rehabilitation Centers D012047 + N02.278.825 Residential Facilities D012112 + N02.278.080 Birthing Centers D016550 N02.278.065 Biological Specimen Banks D018070 + N02.278.207 Fitness Centers D020446