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N02 Health Care Facilities, Manpower, and Services D005159 + N02.421 Health Services D006296 + N02.421.088 Child Care D002654 + N02.421.143 Community Health Services D003153 + N02.421.240 Dental Health Services D003752 + N02.421.242 Dietary Services D004045 + N02.421.297 Emergency Medical Services D004632 + N02.421.585 Patient Care D005791 + N02.421.320 Health Services for the Aged D006299 N02.421.380 Health Services Misuse D006300 + N02.421.330 Health Services, Indigenous D006303 N02.421.461 Mental Health Services D008605 + N02.421.533 Nursing Care D009732 + N02.421.539 Nursing Services D009739 + N02.421.559 Organ Procurement D009927 + N02.421.631 Personal Health Services D010548 N02.421.668 Pharmaceutical Services D010593 + N02.421.726 Preventive Health Services D011314 + N02.421.784 Rehabilitation D012046 N02.421.849 Social Work D012947 + N02.421.897 Student Health Services D013333 N02.421.920 Women's Health Services D014932 + N02.421.044 Adolescent Health Services D016497 N02.421.816 Rural Health Services D019035 N02.421.908 Suburban Health Services D019036 N02.421.914 Urban Health Services D019037 N02.421.450 Medical Errors D019300 + N02.421.308 Genetic Services D033142 + N02.421.800 Reproductive Health Services D034121 +