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N03 Health Care Economics and Organizations D004472 + N03.540 Organizations D009938 + N03.540.052 Academies and Institutes D000047 N03.540.199 Congresses D003226 + N03.540.245 Consumer Organizations D003255 + N03.540.427 Government Agencies D006077 + N03.540.452 Health Planning Organizations D006288 + N03.540.514 International Agencies D007390 + N03.540.571 Labor Unions D007750 + N03.540.608 National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) D009307 + N03.540.630 Organizations, Nonprofit D009939 + N03.540.782 Self-Help Groups D012657 + N03.540.828 Societies D012952 + N03.540.483 Home Care Agencies D018574