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N04 Health Services Administration D006298 + N04.761 Quality of Health Care D011787 + N04.761.700 Quality Assurance, Health Care D011785 + N04.761.700.350 Guidelines D017408 + N04.761.700.675 Total Quality Management D017749 N04.761.700.150 Benchmarking D019985
N05 Health Care Quality, Access, and Evaluation D017530 + N05.700 Quality Assurance, Health Care D011785 + N05.700.200 Credentialing D003406 + N05.700.300 Facility Regulation and Control D005161 N05.700.500 Medical Audit D008485 + N05.700.520 Nursing Audit D009731 N05.700.675 Professional Review Organizations D011366 N05.700.685 Professional Staff Committees D011367 + N05.700.900 Utilization Review D014600 + N05.700.350 Guidelines D017408 + N05.700.792 Total Quality Management D017749 N05.700.250 Dental Audit D019230 N05.700.150 Benchmarking D019985