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Analysis of Duke's database on Lethal Dose information.
  • Raw data (retrieved on February 5, 2012): Link. Ref: Dr. Duke's Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases. [Online Database] 05 February 2012.
  • Patched data (text only): Link. Some misspells corrected.
  • Structured data (html table): Link. Database like information.
  • Observables statistics (html table). Link. Count of matches (observables, measurement, unit).
  • Observables pairs (html table). Link. Count of pairs (observables, measurement, unit).
  • Observables pairs cutted (html table). Link. Count of statistically significant pairs (observables, measurement, unit).
  • Legend data (pdf file). Link. Describe the acronyms.
  • Legend
    ratrat, adult250g
    dogdog, adult10kg
    catcat, adult2kg
    rbtrabbit, adult2kg
    hmnhuman, adult70kg
    gpgguinea pig, adult500g
    iprintraperitonealAdministration into the peritoneal cavity
    scusubcutaneousAdministration under the skin
    orloralPer os, intragastric feeding, or introduction with drinking water
    ivnintravenousAdministration directly into the vein by hypodermic needle
    imsintramuscularAdministration into the muscle by hypodermic needle